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Instagram Advice for Parents

In the last CyberSense Minute, Mirabai explained why many kids like to have a second Instagram spam account.

Teens enjoy using Instagram and it is often the first social media account they ask their parents permission to sign up. Here are a few ground rules I recommend discussing with your kids.

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Instagram Spam Accounts

Here’s an interesting question from Helen in Katy, TX who asked:

“We finally allowed our daughter to get Instagram on the condition that we can see what she posts. I have now discovered my daughter has a secret, second Instagram account and I don’t know what she posts or who she is talking to. She told me it is just her Spam account. What is that exactly?”

Thank you for the message, Helen, and here is today’s CyberSense Minute presented by Mirabai.

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Cell Phones and Sleep

Here is a message I received from Tracy in Frisco, Texas:

“Hi James, in your show you recommend teens don’t have phones in bed. My teen uses her phone as an alarm clock and also likes to listen to music to help her get to sleep. What do you think?” Continue Reading →

The Concern of a Middle School Parent

Yesterday, a principal told me something that gave me a physical pain in my chest.

I was visiting his middle school to present my CyberSense program. I always chat with the principal and/or counselors and discuss recent challenges pertaining to their students’ use of technology.

On this occasion, the principal shook his head sadly as he told me that they had discovered naked photos of several 7th Grade girls on a boy’s phone. Upon further investigation, it emerged that many of the other boys also had the photos on their phones.

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The amazing pill which will help your kids sleep better

Have you heard about the amazing pill which will help your kids sleep better and improve school grades? It is 100% safe and legal. The drug companies don’t want you to know about it…

Adults in America give their children a lot of drugs each year. Over 8 million children take some type of prescription psychiatric medication. And millions more parents are giving their kids unregulated drugs like melatonin to help them sleep.

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It is time to book your assembly program for next year!

CyberSense is a nationally touring program and I have limited dates available in each area. Please call my office today at 1-888-773-2155 to reserve a date for your school!

James Munton interviewed on FSN

James was a guest today on Kerry Lutz’s Financial Survival Network.

During the interview, James describes a scary con that has led to 150 Americans being held in foreign prisons. He also talks about the huge problem of child identity theft and what parents need to know.

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Lovely review!

I am always delighted when people take the time to send a nice review about my presentation. Today I received the following from a principal who was unable to attend my show:

I am so sorry to have missed your performance at Foothill School last week.  I was committed to a meeting at my other school and had to miss being at Foothill.  I was so thrilled the next day to hear how well-received your assembly was.  Teachers and students felt it was by far one of the best assemblies we have had in years.  The message was powerful and presented in a way that had every student engaged.  I heard about it from EVERYONE!  I don’t know if you realize or not, but principals are hit with tons of offers for assemblies every week.  I took a chance on this one, and am so glad I did.  Thank you so much!!!” —K. Hansen, Principal at Foothill Intermediate School

I found interesting the sentence about principals being bombarded with offers of assemblies each week.  I do appreciate that it is a bit of a risk and expense to bring in a speaker – not only the money, but also the valuable time that students are taken away from regular classes to watch the presentation.  I am always saddened when I hear horror stories from schools about previous presentations they have had. It motivates me to provide the very best presentation that I can and also to make the planning as easy as possible.

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