Lovely review!

I am always delighted when people take the time to send a nice review about my presentation. Today I received the following from a principal who was unable to attend my show:

I am so sorry to have missed your performance at Foothill School last week.  I was committed to a meeting at my other school and had to miss being at Foothill.  I was so thrilled the next day to hear how well-received your assembly was.  Teachers and students felt it was by far one of the best assemblies we have had in years.  The message was powerful and presented in a way that had every student engaged.  I heard about it from EVERYONE!  I don’t know if you realize or not, but principals are hit with tons of offers for assemblies every week.  I took a chance on this one, and am so glad I did.  Thank you so much!!!” —K. Hansen, Principal at Foothill Intermediate School

I found interesting the sentence about principals being bombarded with offers of assemblies each week.  I do appreciate that it is a bit of a risk and expense to bring in a speaker – not only the money, but also the valuable time that students are taken away from regular classes to watch the presentation.  I am always saddened when I hear horror stories from schools about previous presentations they have had. It motivates me to provide the very best presentation that I can and also to make the planning as easy as possible.

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