Parents/Conference Program


Looking for an entertaining speaker for your PTA meeting or school family night? Do you need a conference speaker who can entertain, educate and motivate?

James Munton’s CyberSense school assembly program teaches students to be aware of the risks of sharing personal information online and to “think before they click.” The Parents Program is perfect as an add-on to a daytime student assembly or as a stand-alone event for parents.

In a fast-paced, interactive program, James discusses the biggest risks and challenges children face and the essential steps every parent must take to protect their kids. After the 45-minute presentation, James facilitates a Q&A to allow parents to ask questions and discuss with each other the challenges they are experiencing in a positive, supportive way.

James is a popular speaker at the Texas PTA’s Summer Leadership Conference. Here are some comments from attendees (click the image below to read the evaluations):


Our children are plugged into the Internet via laptops, phones, and online gaming. Parents cannot be expected to monitor their children’s online activity at all times. It is essential that families are made aware of the risks of sharing too much information online.

Topics include:

Identity theft
Sharing inappropriate photos and messages
Online predators
Keeping passwords private
Curbing unhealthy screen time

The audience will:

Learn how important it is for families to control their online presence.
See how difficult it is to take back photos and messages posted online.
Discover how identity thieves and predators read our information and what they do with it.
Learn why identity theft can be so devastating to young people.
See how a careless comment or photo can affect college admission, job opportunities, and social relationships.
Discover how to create the perfect password!

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