“Thank you for coming to the White House. Your engaging performance delighted everyone…We appreciate your participation in a unique and longtime White House tradition.”
President George W. Bush
and First Lady Laura Bush

“In 22 years of teaching I have seen hundreds of assemblies and you were by far the best! The kids were attentive and involved, they learned a lot… thank you!”
L. Boynton
Arbor Hills Middle School

“Thank you so much for a wonderful and interactive performance.  Our kids and teachers had nothing but fantastic things to say about the assemblies.  Everything from the kids assemblies to the parent evening was amazing.  I can’t wait for you to come back next year.  Many of our kids said, “This was the best assembly I have ever been to!”  Thank you again and I hope to see you next year!”
E. Shelton
Seven Lakes Junior High

“I haven’t seen our students so engaged in an assembly presentation. James was entertaining and engaging. The students were eager to participate when James asked for student volunteers. I plan to have the presentation next year for our incoming 6th graders.”
D. Michaeldisi
Clute Intermediate School

“His presentation was highly engaging, involving students in fun and entertaining magic tricks, while really hammering home the dangers of the cyber-universe. Students left with a concrete understanding of how to keep themselves safe and make good choices that won’t negatively effect their futures. Students left the assembly saying, “That was the best assembly I’ve ever been to!” Thank you, James!!”
J. Villemaire
Lake Travis Middle School

“Thank you so much for your insightful, entertaining and educational program. The kids loved it!”
R. Cunningham
Renner Middle School

“James did a great job of engaging the students. The message was very relevant and delivered with humor and enthusiasm. The magic was great. The kids were talking about the assembly that day. They got the message about the dangers of the internet and they had fun doing so.”
S. Sherwood
Three Rivers School

“The CyberSense presentation kept students engaged.  He impressed upon our students the importance of thinking before they click in order to stay safe online.  James entertained us, made us laugh but ultimately made us think before pressing send.”
K. George
Sloan Creek Middle School

“We so enjoyed having you here!  Your presentation was fabulous and our kids thoroughly enjoyed it!  Thank you so much for coming to share with our students!”
S. Guess
Cobb Middle School

“James Munton came to Haggard Middle School on September 18th and performed his Cybersense “Think before you Click” program for our 6th, 7th and 8th grade students at three different times and then came back for a parent presentation the same evening! James was engaging, informative, hilarious and magical! Social media is very relevant with middle school kids and James really gave the kids and parents things to think about before clicking that button!! The kids loved James as well as the faculty and parents! I would definitely recommend for all schools to get James booked for their student programs!”
W. Taylor
Haggard Middle School

“The program kept students entertained and engaged while discussing the more serious topics. Thank you! ”
L. Blount
McMeans Junior High

“The presentation was spot on in discussing relative topics for today’s students. The interactive program was a blast and really related directly to our students!”
Brandon Goswick
Elysian Fields Middle School

“I am so sorry to have missed your performance at Foothill School last week.  I was committed to a meeting at my other school and had to miss being at Foothill.  I was so thrilled the next day to hear how well-received your assembly was.  Teachers and students felt it was by far one of the best assemblies we have had in years.  The message was powerful and presented in a way that had every student engaged.  I heard about it from EVERYONE!  I don’t know if you realize or not, but principals are hit with tons of offers for assemblies every week.  I took a chance on this one, and am so glad I did.  Thank you so much!!!”
K. Hansen
Foothill Intermediate School

“I heard from multiple sources, including my 7th grade daughter as well as our principal, that your assemblies were fabulous and that the kids were all very attentive.  In my daughter’s words, “he was really funny and British!””
Arbor Creek Middle School

“The presentation was informative AND entertaining. The kids were kept interested by his unique use of magic while also reinforcing the message of CyberSense. I got a lot of positive feedback from teachers, parents and students. Our principal was very pleased as well.”
M. Hager, Beck Junior High

“The show was phenomenal. The kids were engaged from the moment they walked in until the moment they left.”
W. Vaughan
Linda Jobe Middle School

“Thank you for coming to our school and enlightening our students about online behavior. Your presentation was very well received by students and staff.”
E. Guzman
Bear River Middle School

“Teachers and students told me this was the best assembly program they had ever seen. The principal was amazed. When they weren’t clutching their sides with laughter, the kids were hanging on your every word…very, very impressive.”
A. Solomon
The Foote School

“Your CyberSense safety show was the most amazing ‘magic with a message’ theme show I have ever witnessed.”
Officer G. Hester
Glynn County Police Dept.

“The right balance between entertainment and information. Our students listened well and had positive feedback.”
L. Hartman
Argyle Intermediate School

“The program was a huge hit with the students and staff.  James did a wonderful job using humor and magic to tie the message of “Think Before You Click” into simple situations students can get themselves into.  I wish all of our students’ parents could have been in the room to see how many 5th and 6th graders are playing online games with people they have never met in person. This program went a long way to teaching the students a lot about cyber safety and being smart electronic users.”
W. Stutsman
Bear Creek Intermediate School

“Fantastic! The students and teachers alike were spellbound.”
A. Benoit
Bowman Middle School

“Awesome!  The kids (and teachers) were engaged throughout the program!  You did an amazing job of tying your magic to the topic of the day.  Parents told me that the kids mentioned immediately when they got in the car after school and they were “instagramming” about it over the weekend.  Great presentation!”
E. Kuylen
Cinco Ranch Jr. High

“The kids were entertained and learned valuable strategies to be safe in the virtual world. Very appreciative of James! He was very professional and engaging.”
B. Hermans
Coppell West Middle School

“Great presentation…James demonstrated good audience management. I would recommend the show to others.”
P. Faikas
St. Elizabeth School

“He was awesome! The kids loved him.”
C. Britton
Indian Springs Middle School

“Thank you so much for your performance at this year’s conference. Your enthusiasm and expertise ensured that the entire event was successful.”
V. Kunsman
Center for Adoption Support & Education

“I loved this program. The students were engaged, it covered many areas of cyber safety and I have received great feedback from my teachers. One teacher said, “Hold on to his number, he’s the best presenter we have had in years.” Scheduling the program was very easy and James was very low-maintenance. He showed up on time, brought everything he needed, and kept our students’ interested. He even made an effort to send our kiddos back to class in a manner that was calm and controlled. We’ll definitely have him back! Thank you!”
M. Rosado
Parkwood Hill Intermediate School

“The Cybersense program was the best way to convey a lot of Online Safety Information I have ever seen. Even the Teachers were interacting and learning from the information given. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a way to educate their children in a way they will enjoy and remember.”
J. Wilhite
Ranch Academy

“Love Love Love the performance!  Witty, relevant & entertaining for our 5th & 6th graders!  We will use James Munton again and refer to our feeder elementaries!!  Thanks!”
C. Russell
Wilkerson Intermediate School

“Thank you for a wonderful presentation that held the interest of the students and conveyed important information.”
M. Crow
Creekview Middle School

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